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46 years old, having spent a lot of time in the field of IT, Sitting before the computer (Laptop) for long hours, Starring at a Monitor (to take care of my Spondylitis) all day through, Bad posture causing Back pain, Sedentary lifestyle causing weight increase, hog when you get – gives a kind of feeling that you are gaining weight (increased Cholesterol levels), Irregular / Lifestyle issues causing few more issues (should I talk about high stress levels due to my new born Business situation?) is what makes me and with this background I approached Dhrti 45 days ago.

I have noticed Dhrti for a long time but never bothered to step in to see how they could help me in my life. The only reason I keep telling myself is “No time”. Recently I decided that I need to take control of myself and no one else would help me if I am continuing to feel or be sick for some reasons or the other. There are a lot of dreams, goals to achieve & the only thing that can take me there is, doing well both physically & mentally. Yes, I mean it, I want to see what I am dreaming of; I want to witness what I am aiming for; I want to live my dream; I want to live to see that Dream come true. Taking control of one’s own self is the single most important thing that can do this.

Deliberately chose the early morning (5:40 am) batch so that I can put the Yoga session behind and focus on the rest of my (busy) life behind! Hoping & dreaming that the Yoga session would help me get back the life I had 20 years ago. 20 years ago, I did seek Yoga’s help to get back on feet after a good 6 months bed rest!!! Believe it or not, it’s me. When you see me Face to Face you will never get to see the other side of my life story!

First few days at Dhrti were tiring, yes there were a lot of fat within the physical body that needs to be burnt so possibly my body was reacting to the new order of physical activity. After a good Yoga session I felt like going back to bed once again at 8 am. Activating few important energy points is a key to rejuvenate the body and today after 6 weeks I have raised many eyebrows at home/family. Few wondering if I am joking, few wondering if it is possible for someone at this stage to do all these, few wondering why someone should strain so much to do all these when the majority of the world does not care for their health much nowadays. Believe me I need to get up at 4.30 am every day to complete this Yoga session (it starts from my bathroom in the morning) not just at the Yoga Studio. Bathroom secrets are not told to others!!!

Yoga alone does not do all the magic. It also comes a shade of diet that compliments and few of the Shudhi Kriyas help you a lot to lighten up you (both physically & mentally). Today I have lost about 4 kgs (0.5 kgs up & down depending on what I eat over the weekends!!!) – there is a drastic change in my test results which are getting back to normal and more importantly I am weaning away few of the allopathy medicines which is exactly what I wanted to do.

Thanks to the Dhrti team led by Ramana Ji & Satya Mathaji and my fellow practitioners who keep inspiring me to come again and again early in the morning only to make the day feel better both physically & mentally.

I strongly recommend ‘Yoga’ as a practice, philosophy & fun for those deprived of many of the life’s beautiful moments which we lose (or have we already lost!) in the name of enjoying it & spoiling it. Take control of your life and get back what you brought to this world when you were created only to perform and be your own.

Hari Om Tat Sat.

Venkat – 5.45 am – 14 April 2015


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