Yoga Way of life

WHO defines Health as “not mere absence of disease, but a state of well being at the physical, mental, emotional, and social levels”.

 Yogic way of life emphasis on the four aspects of Ahara(food), Vihara(recreation), Acara(relation n routines), Vichara(thought process).

 Ahara – Yoga emphasizes on a balanced diet and moderation in diet. We get energy from the food we eat, so the right quantity, quality, attitude at the time of eating all that matters.

 Vihara – It is an activity or hobby that involves complete participation. Remember, the passion of collecting stamps, reading books, painting etc. as a child.

 Achara – the daily routine / discipline which includes the practice of asana, pranayama, etc.

 Vichara – the thought process. positive thinking.

 One needs to put in effort / persevere to achieve something in life keeping in mind the four aspects of yogic way of life, making changes in the diet, lifestyle one can lead a healthy life. This will eventually lead to the promotion of positive health.

 Hari OM,


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