Yoga Nidra For All

Yoga Nidra (YN) is a deep level relaxation practice. A practice designed for children, young, and geriatrics.  It is beneficial to combat any level of stress or disease even cancer.

My sister is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, stage two. She had to undergo a nine-hour long complicated surgery, followed by eight chemotherapies and 25 radiation sessions.  The line of treatment so long demanded mental stamina and will power.

I started with MSRT and PET, relaxation practices developed by my guruji, Nagendraji, Svyasa. 

The deep level relaxation techniques helped her immensely to recoup and she started responding well in a very positive manner.  Her stay was shortened and she was discharged soon.

I introduced YN to enhance the healing further and by the grace of higher power she was able to take all the chemotherapies smoothly and now has been successfully undergoing radiation sessions.

A basic YN practice should be done by all at least three times a week.  It includes few and simple steps. With constant practice other steps can be introduced. YN strengthens our will power. In due course of time, one can see the desired change in attitude and transformation in ones personality. 

Hari  OM

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