Yoga For The 21st Century

It was like the oasis has itself come all the way to the thirsty.  The yoga community at Bangalore has witnessed a transforming experience in the holy presence of Swami Satsangiji by way of ‘Yoga for 21st Century” a yoga satsang program organized by Atma Darshan Yogashram at Kumaraswamy Layout for these 3 days, from September 23 to 25, Friday to Sunday.

Every day began and concluded with wonderful renditions of divine chants creating an upbeat mood for inner awakening.

On the first day, Swami ji conveyed message of practicing detachment and she advised women in particular to overcome it through sadhana.  She gave a super tip to deal with stress, in her words the antidote to ‘STRESS’ is,

S – Strength: Believing in oneself and higher power

T – Trust:  Trusting in own strength

R – Rest and Rejuvenate:  not just sleep, but regular yoga abhyaas and change of activities

E – Enthusiasm:  developing uthsaaha

S – Smile :  smiling and bringing smiles around

S – Sublime or Surrender – acceptance of will of higher power

One need to befriend one’s mind like horse trainer trains his adamant horse.  Intelligence is only one of the faculties of mind, one need to explore others too.  She also conveyed that Yoga is way not the means for realizing and touch higher dimensions of existence.

Swami ji blessed more than 200 spiritual aspirants with Deeksha (Mantra, Jignasu, and Karma Sannyaas).

The cultural skits of children and devotional songs presented by Satyam Bala Yoga were simply superb.

Swami Satsangiji has truly left her impressions that will last for a lifetime with her immense love, wisdom, knowledge, and thoughts.

Hari Om Tat Sat


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