yoga at anyplace, at anytime

never underestimate the tiny – mini yoga

do a back bend over the back rest of your chair while in office observe line of energy moving in your body

do a single exhalation and soften the skin of your face when under stress, it enriches fresh circulation to face making you look bright

create a steady tall majestic pose at the bus stop and feel the tiredness wearing off

lengthen your exhalation in middle of traffic jam, will keep your immune  up and all the old air will be released

close your eyes for a moment of quiet reflection between phone calls.

while at work make yourself feel centered, release the tensions around neck and shoulders

At the desk, with simple twisting while sitting on the chair will keep you energized

In a simple manner, some eye movements will develop soothing feeling in and around the tired eyes gazing the screen

Remember ‘little and often’ works the best, like simple ankle rotation during flights

Set reminders to reconnect with yourself and never underestimate it, see how it changes your lifestyle.

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