“How much water should one drink”?

“According to my understanding one can drink 1 liter of water on waking up this would help clean the system. But during the day one can drink max water as this helps to keep the body dehydrated and also keeps the skin glowing!

Hope this helps”!


“Basically, there is no magical formula to how much water you should drink. Ideally on rising one should drink lukewarm to warm water one full glass.
It will help to cleanse your system and helps in removing skin impurities also.”

Aarti Sharma

Very Good Reply


“I guess one needs to drink primarily based on his or her comfort level. In any case this has to be an All Day Activity, so would it would be unwise to try and drink 2 litres of water in the morning and not really drink sufficiently through the day.

My call … drink water every day through the day like there is no tomorrow”.

Best Regards,

Adesh Pathak

Adding to Adeshs’ message, yes one should drink water throughout the day. Don’t want to feel bloated, have a dull looking tired skin, muscle aches, joint pains…HAVE WATER…so much so that the urine is crystal clear and white in color and never yellow.

Its sad most of us drink water only to quench thirst when we feel our throat is dried.  This does not meet the body requirement. Blood volume drops and kidneys and heart both have to over work harder, unfair right?

So have water sip by sip and enjoy it….

Naturopathy says…“Eat your liquids and drink your solids” 🙂


  • Vijay

    June 30, 2011 @ 11:18 am

    One suggestion to those who forget to drink enough water : Make it a point to drink a glassful immediately after you’ve been to the loo. Trust me, this one is a natural reminder 🙂 As a useful side-effect, it also gives you the much needed short breaks to your eyes, away from your PC.


  • Satya

    June 30, 2011 @ 2:11 pm

    Thank You Vijay,

    Good suggestion, sure we need to set reminders as water is basic
    need of life.

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