Summary of Bi-monthly Ayurvedic Session on Ritucharya by Dr. Sandhya Kumar

Topic                           :           Sharad Ritu / Autumn season

Venue                          :           Dhrti Yoga Center

Time & Date              :           October 10, 2015 @ 6 p.m.

Weather condition: When clouds disappear after rain (Varsha Ritu – the previous Ritu), sky is very clear with bright and sharp sunlight. It is also said that astrologers see the constellation of stars and its influence on human body can be clearly studied in this Ritu.

Diseases: Pitta is very dominating with the help of Sun’s heat, which would lead to possible disease like nosebleed, vomiting, headache, acidity, skin-related problems (dandruff, chapped skins), constipation, indigestion, cold, bodily combustion, migraine, dry cough, bleeding gums, and asthma.

Recommended food habits:

  • Have food which is sweet, cold, bitter and astringent
  • Have grains like red rice, barley, ragi, and reduce intake of wheat
  • Vegetables; all types of Gourds Ex: bitter gourd, bottle gourd, ash gourd etc, green leaves, water-rich vegetables, moong dal
  • Fruits; all types of melons Ex: musk melon, water melon, overnight-soaked dry black grapes, almonds, amla (dry, marinated, fresh, churna forms) can be consumed
  • Consumption of churned buttermilk (after removing butter) with wooden vessels (particularly wooden one) and consumption of water stored in bronze/brass vessel (with exposure to sunlight and moonlight) for a day, cucumber juices, citric juices
  • Consume overnight-soaked jeera and dhaniya, methi seeds, water mixed with honey; honey with ginger is beneficial

Non-recommended habits:

  • Avoid spicy, oily, fried, and hot foods
  • Avoid eating wheat items
  • Avoid eating frozen foods and food prepared more than 12 hrs before


  • Avoid going out in mid/peak sunlight (particularly children, elders)
  • Wear light cotton clothes
  • Perform Sheetli and Sheetkari pranayamas
  • Avoid consumption of food till full stomach, try to have only 3/4th stomach food.
  • It is advisable to cook food in outside and have dinner in moon light

Shat Kriyas: This ritu is considered to be the best time to do Laghoo Shankaprakshalana (TTK solution and LSP), especially changing season that is week  prior and week after.

Dhina Charya:

Wake-up time: Brahma Muhurtha (4 to 6 a.m.)

Mala Visarjane: Go for it whenever the urge comes naturally

Dhanta Dhawan : Use Neem, Karaanj, and Kapira twigs to make teeth clean and healthy,

Prate Saranga: Massage the gums with herbal powder to be done especially after Dhanta Dhawan.

Sinchana (Splashing water):   Take luke or normal water in a eye cup and blink eye inside nearly 5 times, this will help you withstand bright sunlight.

Jihwa Nirlekhana: Clean the tongue with fingers daily

Anjanam: Apply the collyrium daily in both eyes,

Nasyam (Nasal drop): Apply one drop inside each nasal everyday and gargling with oils everyday.


Courtesy:  Reshma – Evening batch

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