Sishir Ritu Feb 6th, 2016

Hari Om,

Here is brief summary of the session conducted by Dr.Sandhya Kumar on 06.02.2016 at

Dhrti Yoga Centre at 8am – 9.30 am

Duration : Mid Jan to Mid March

Currently we are experiencing Shishira ritu.

Sun just coming out of it’s Southern cycle(Dakshinayana) and moving into the Northern cycle (Uttarayana) due to which ‘Sharir- bal’ is at its maximum which is also because Suryabala and Chandrabala are balanced. Hence ideal time to build strength and stamina in our bodies and also to lay foundation for immunity (Ojas). Most of the inconvenience caused due to variations in weather as ritus roll in can be avoided if Ahara and Vihara is taken care of. Otherwise the last resort would be oushadha.

Our sharira is made up of dhatu, dosha, and mala and has the tridoshas viz; vata, pitta, and kapha which are combinations in various degrees of five elements our body is made up of:
>>Vata: Predominantly wind tattva responsible for any movements in the body such osmosis process between cells of our body to flexing of muscles.
>>Pitta: Predominantly agni tattva responsible for functions like digestion.
>>Kapha: Predominantly earth elements which is responsible of binding of things like each cell when held on to each other forms tissues and so on.
We must try to balance three doshas and it requires that we take care of our ahara, vihara as per different ritus.

Diet: Agni is dominant leading to its related function getting more and more stronger as well such as digestion.
Heavy foods such as dry fruits,sweet,milk and milk products
Veggies grow under the soil: potato,beetroot etc
Beans and grains
Ginger tea/Masala Chai
Have nots’:
Foods inducing Kapha and dryness have to be avoided.
Veggies:Ladies finger,capsicum,green gram in general pulses.
Too much spicy and bitter food.
Fruits like chikku,guava other melons in general.
Clothing-cotton and wool.
Exposure to sunlight and fire to keep yourself warm.
Avoid exposure to cold and strong breeze .
Can be engaged in rigorous exercises( vyayama ).
As skin gets dry keep yourself well moisturized with creams and scalp with oil based on ones own prakrihi (til oil,castor oil or usually coconut oil would suit well )
Poorna Abyanga (Head,body and feet) recommended as it keeps skin well moisturised, supple, improves immunity and overall wellbeing.
Salt water gargling twice a day helps to keep throat infections at bay.

Hari OM Tat Sat

Deepa B, YTTC (Sivananda Yogashram)
4:30 pm teacher @ dhrti yoga center

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