should you do yoga on an empty stomach?

This is what we often hear, “you should do yoga on an empty stomach, right?”

No –  though none of the yogic text books tell ‘not to eat anything’ in the morning before practice, you will find emphasis on  “avoid overeating” coz this will lead to dullness and lethargy result you will have to push yourself for practice in morning which is against the Yamas and the Niyamas.

A light stomach helps you move in your asana and pranayama practice more easily.  You start enjoying your yoga.

Mitahara, moderate diet – is the ability to eat the right food at the right time.  And today’s yogi have got use to this new lifestyle of eating late night dinners and doing yoga empty tummy in the morning, result crashing and causing injuries.

Sorry my dear, Dinacharya- your overall life style plays the major role which includes light and  early dinners, sleeping on time, very good bowel movements ( early mornings). Say nutritionist Rujuta,   This isn’t instant noodles where all that matters is what you ate minutes before starting your asana or pranayama. Late-night binges or that fancy restaurant dinner after which you crashed in the car all lead to a dull and clogged gastro-intestinal tract—not conducive to asana practice and completely out of tune with yama or niyama.

So wake up, early dinners—that should be thy focus. A fruit in the morning will not make your system ‘heavy’, late dinners will.

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