Serve, Love, and Give……….

Hari OM Tat Sat,

Sri Swami Satyananda would say money can be used in three forms, donation, enjoyment, and destruction. Daan is one the best and most sacred form of using the money – Thus continuing with the message of Swamiji Serve, Love, and Give, Dhrti is very happy to share the opportunities God has been giving to us to serve back to society.

It was just some time back by the Grace of God, in a short time a total amount of Rs.63000 was collected, for the Uttrakhand fund relief and sent the Satya Sai Organization. This had strengthened our bonds and had helped us believe….

The power of money lies, truly, not in receiving, but in giving

Again we had another chance to serve and give and this time it was marriage of a girl, getting the streedhan ready.

In our country, marriage is one of the most scared ceremonies. Be the poorest of the poor parents will make sure that they spend with their heart and hands open in their daughters’ marriage and send her with suitcase full to her in-laws place.

This lofty thought took a pleasant shape and turned into reality at Dhrti Yoga Center. It was just few days back when one of the practitioners expressed her feelings with only one motive how best we can use our resources and give it to someone in dire need. As the family, the mother, was very well know to the practitioner, so we all decided to get into action.

All the practitioners spontaneously came forward, prepared a list of items, and got involved in collecting all the items. They took care to go to market and bought it, got it ready some of them took great care of beautifully packing and making presentable for the bride to use it.

Right from dresses, saris, towels, slippers, bed sheets, personal stuff, utensils, cooker, mixer, a suitcase full got ready in 10 days.

Mother Lakshmi was benevolent, we received cash from few practitioners, which summed up to Rs. 10,000 and got gold earrings and nose stud, a watch set, and silver ornaments and items.

This is the power of good intention when done in a collective way. A good thought got manifested in this wonderful form. We thank god who gives us the strength and pray we get many such opportunities in many forms and may mother Lakshmi and Lord Narayan both continue to bless all of us and we serve and give the society in return.

Cheers to the team………

Streedhan 4   Streedhan Streedhan 2

Streedhan 3

Om Tat Sat


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