Samskrit Conversation Camp

A 10 day Samskrit Conversation Camp was conducted by Samskrita Bharathi, at Dhrti Yoga Center from 18th till 27th January 2014, evening 7 pm to 8 pm at the center.

Total 20 number of participants attended the 10-day camp under able guidance of Smt. Smitha Bhatta, from Aksharam.

Why should people learn Samskrit:
Samskrit has a very vast repository of secular, spiritual and religious literature. It being an ancient and mother language, any Samskrit literate would find it very easy to pick up other languages if needed later. E.g. Tamizh is 40% samskRta, 50% of kannaDa, 70% of malayALam, etc.

Kids should get exposed to this as well. The great structure in the language and its precision of word-meanings when learnt will open their minds to greater things in their lives. Increases their IQ. To preserve Samskruti learn SamskRtam

Highlights of the Course:
At the end of the course you will be able to speak, talk in Samskrit. This short course can also be used as a stepping stone for further explorations into the vast world of Samskritam.

Evolved and proven Course Structure over many decades
Dispels initial apprehension as a difficult language
Right opportunity for beginners
Unique Interactive approach for teaching conversational Samskrit
Prior knowledge of spoken or written skills NOT necessary, the shibira involves No fees for the course.

shibira                                   learning sanskrit





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