Recipe – Chiroti Recipe or Saata Puri


We got to know how to make a very Delicious Sweet Chiroti also known as Saata Puri as Prasadam for Amavasya. You all must have tasted it. If not you missed it. Do try it at home.

It takes some time to do this but the end product is just yum.

Ingredients – For the dough
Maida(all purpose flour) – 21/2 cups
Chiroti rava(very fine sooji rava) – 3/4 cup
Water to mix

 Ingredients – For the saata
Rice flour
Powdered sugar – around 11/2 cups.


Step 1: First prepare a hard dough of Maida and chiroti rava like that made for puri. After the dough is ready hit it with a stone to make it more softer and finer.


Step 2: After the dough is ready make a ball of dough of size slightly bigger than chapati. Now roll the ball into chapati but slightly thicker.

 Step 3: With 1-2 tspn of ghee and 2 tspns of rice flour make a paste and smear on the chapathi. Repeat the above keeping one more chapathi on top of first one. Now roll it into a pipe kind of and seal the ends so that the ghee does not come out. Then fold it like how you do for laccha paratha. Repeat the above for the remaining dough.


Step 4: Once all the dough is done unfold one at a time and cut it into 1 inch piece.


Step 5: Now roll each of the 1 inch piece dough into puri size with layers facing up. ( do not roll it very thin as it will become like puri without any layers).


Step 6: Keep the oil ready for frying. Add the rolled puri into the oil. Push a little with knife just like how you do with a spoon.( use a knife with broad end instead of the spoon as it will open up the layers which is important). The layers will open up. Immediately turn it to the other side and use knife to open up layers(just a gentle push not hard one). Fry till the bubbles stop.


 Step 7: Allow it to cool for some time and then sprinkle powdered sugar on both sides or immerse in sugar powder and dust the extra sugar powder.


Step 8: Yummy Saata puri or chiroti is ready to be offered to Lord Krishna as Prasad.


Tip 1 : Same dough can be used to make samosa.
Tip 2 : The spicy version can be done by adding jeera, cor leaves, curry leaves, ginger etc to the dry flour before adding water.
Note : keep the dough covered at all times so that it does not get dry

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Navayoginis –  9:30 AM Karma Yogi Batch – Dhrti Yoga

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