Rawa Laddoos

Hari OM,

We have made it a point nowadays to make prasadam for poornima at the center. This way we get to know new recipes, we enjoy karma yoga, sharing and caring, unlike only single person ending up doing all the work. Last time we made paneer peta laddoo which was a big hit.

Today we tried out rava laddoo for poornima prasadam and it came out superb. Thought of sharing the recipe with you.
Quantity mentioned in the recipe is to make around 40-45 big laddoos or around 60-65 medium to small laddoos.

Recipe of rava laddoo

Chiroti rava or sooji 1 kg
Ghee 4 serving spoons
Sugar 475 GMs
Dry fruits – cashews, raisins, muskmelon seeds.
Milk – 1 cup
Elaichi pwd
Copra 1/2 cup

Pre preparations
Sugar to be powdered in mixer to the consistency of rava.
Copra to be grated and run in mixer just once (coarsely).
Elaichi to be powdered.
Cashews to be broken to small pieces.
Milk needs to be boiled.

Heat the ghee in a pan.
Add the dry fruits and fry for sometime.
Now add the chiroti rava and fry till you get a nice aroma.
Remove vessel from stove and add powdered sugar and mix.
Add copra and mix it.
Add boiling milk or hot milk to the mixture and mix it well.
Now make laddoos,
(make it with soft hands or esle you will drain the ghee and the laddoos will turn out to be hard)
(If you feel the mixture is dry you can add little milk).

Yummy rava laddoos are ready.

Hari OM Tat Sat

Vidya (9:30 am)

Rawa Laddoos       Rawa Laddoo

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