Rathasaptami Sunday 14th Feb, 2016

Dear Blessed Self,

Hari OM,

While the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, the Yogis all over the world had a different perspective altogether. Ask any yogi “What was on Sunday the 14th Feb?” and a prompt reply will come,  “RathaSaptami”.






The whole week Dhrti Yoga Center observed the  important days, that come in Magha Month, right from Vasant Panchami on Friday 12th, Ratha Saptami 14th, Bhismashtami on Monday 15th, Madhavacharya’s appearance day on Wednesday the 17th, followed by Jaya Ekadashi on Thursday, Shani Pradosha /Nityananda Trayodashi Saturday 20th Feb, magha poornima on Monday 22nd….

Year after Year, God’s and Guru’s grace, Dhrti Yogis observe all important and auspicious days wherever they are on the globe, especially the most awaited day of the year – Ratha Saptami, and thats real Yoga.

Ratha Saptami – Global Surya Namaskara Day, is not jusRatha Saptami 2016t a day’s work. Well ahead of the time, the practitioners begin with their Sadhana. Nevertheless, Gupta prabhuji, from Chinmaya Mission, parallely starts teaching the Aditya Hridayam Stotram which is  recited by all in the beginning of the Surya Namaskara Sadhana.

This year too, keen practitioners started preparing in advance to reach their set target of 108 rounds of SN as a special offering through their worship to the Lord Sun, who rides on Seven Horses on his Birthday and Bless us all.

Cheers to the team and to their punctuality!!!

kirtan time

Early morning hours while many still rolling in their beds, these Jignasus started their Sadhana at the right time – 5:30 am, all set for the performance.

Not to forget the enthusiastic Bala Yogis,  as always  were present well before time to offer saluations too. Cheerfully recited Shri Surya Astotra Shatanamavalli.  With the Rising Sun, all the practitioners reach the peak of their Sadhana, welcoming the Lord Of The                                                                   Universe with great AWE N RESPECT.

Vidhya mataji n Family


Thanks to the Karma Yogis, who willingly made the arrangements for the venue which turned out to be a blissful experience for all. Out in the open air with tall trees around, the early morning cool breeze caressing the skin, the birds chirping and calling for the new day, the vast blue sky above slowly being filled with the golden rays of the Sun was a perfect food for all the SOULs.always ready to serve



Thank you all for your cooperation and support to make the event successful.  Lets keep up to the tradition year after year wherever we are on the globe, thanking the mother nature, the Sun, Holy mother Ganga, our Rishis and Munis.

Hari OM Tat Sat



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  • Venki

    May 28, 2016 @ 3:47 pm

    Oh, what an experience to be part of this Program. Never even imagined that someone can do 108 Surya Namaskars, hats of to some of the seniors who did it in style irrespective of their age. Sometimes putting the youngsters to shame….

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