Ratha Saptami Friday Feburary 3rd, 2017 5:30 am to 8:00 am

Hari Om,

The entire month of January 2017 has been an unique month of wonderful contemplation on Lord Surya through learning the recitation of Aditya Hridayam & more number of Surya Namaskaras every single day – for inner purification, clarity of mind, enhancing strength & stamina, and re-architecting wellbeing, to sum up in one word “The month of intense Surya Sadhana.” The contemplative sadhana culminated with 108 Surya Namaskaras on Feb 3 and felicitation function on Feb 5. We requested the practitioners to take a moment to reflect upon the same and express their heart away through a short writeup on your personal experience / gain / outcome and mail it to us ASAP so that we can share the same in Dhrti blog for the benefit of all practitioners. Here are the same.

Arun Muthuswamy – batch 5:45 pm

Here is my experience: “The January Surya Sadhana was a wonderful journey of setting challenging goals and achieving them. The inherent  power of chanting Aditya Hridayam, the thoughtfully tailored practice sessions and motivation provided by our Gurus have not only given us the ability to achieve these goals but have left us with the mental capacity to take on a goal with discipline and persistence. I am glad I was able to complete the sadhana successfully which has provided me physical, mental and emotional vigor. I will be ever thankful to my Gurus for giving me the opportunity to be part of this Sadhana.

Hari Om!”


The new year started with a unachievable thought (told by Mataji) of performing 108 Surya Namaskar on Ratha Saptami. It took couple of days to gulp the thought itself, based on our current capacity of 7 to 10 Surya namaskars(SN). Achieving 10 times more than our current capacity required lot of determination, strength and practise. The clarity and positivity of Prabhuji and Mataji always made the goal look small.

Aditya Hridayam(AH) has given all the required power to perform the unachievable target. Felt like the situation of Rama, of confusion and worries, on how to defeat Ravana, similar confusion in our minds on how to achieve such a big goal. But the power and aura generated by recitation of the sacred AH kept us motivated. The beautiful tune kept on running in the mind all the time.

Every Sunday practise given us more confidence and kept building the strength for the final day. Over 3-4 Sunday we reached around 80 Surya Namaskars. Legs started stammering at 80 Surya Namaskars kept me worries on how I will still reach 108, felt like I already reached the highest limit of the body. Got mild knee and hand pains here and there over the practises. One point what Prabhuji mentioned is really important for life time  : “He mentioned that this Surya namaskars we are dedicating to lord Sun, do not take the ego out of it that I completed so many round.”, which stopped any false proud to generated because of the growing numbers. Prasadam prepared by Mataji after every Sunday practise was very delicious and given immediate energy to the tired body.

Last week before Ratha Saptami was the last round of practise and recitation. The final thoughts by the Gurus(Prabhuji and Mataji) on the last day given us a different dimensions to all the hard work. They said the numbers does not matter but how dedicatedly we offer our obeisances to Lord sun matters. It freed us from any worries of numbers, just thought of offering the best possible Surya namaskars to God Sun tomorrow.

It was mesmerising to get up so early, take bath and reach the place on time. Seeing so many sadhakas together and reciting Aditya hridayam took us to different levels. Gurus strategy to divide 108 into three 36 was really nice, doing Shavasana after every 36 rounds we regained all the energies. And also a short standing shavasana after every 12 Surya namaskars kept us recover to the normal breath. The best part was after 72 SN, we thought the next break will be after 84, but strategically Gurus continued till 100. After reaching 100 it given a different world feeling all together. Then was the time to devote the remaining 8 SN with more gratitude and consciousness. It gave us the feeling like we have climbed the hill of the mountain. Felt the taste of victory. How the practices over time made us to reach and achieve the final goal so easly. Delicious prasadam felt more tastier after all the hard work. Had a great time to meet all the sadhakas of different batches and talk with them.

Finally the felicitation day with the gracious presence of Devadand ji made it more beautiful. His talks on various instincts and how Viveka can control them given us information on how to grow on our spiritual path. Also he crisply described the difference between Rajas, Tamas and Sattavic. Finally getting honoured for the efforts generated more enthusiasm for achieving many such targets. It was a unforgettable January of my life.

Thanks a lot to Prabhuji and Mataji for putting so much of efforts, hard work and positivity in us. We would have done some good karmas to get such instructors like you.

Few take aways of this process :

1. We can achieve anything with will power and determination.

2. Converting thoughts into strategy make goals simple to achieve.

3. Gradually and consistently increasing the hard work to reach towards the goal.

4. Always devote the hard work instead of taking false ego out of it.

5. Nothing is possible without Gurus and Gods grace.

6. Celebrating the success is equally important :-).

Hari OM

REVATHI, 5:45 pm

Hari OM,

Firstly my hearty thanks to both of you, mataji & prabhuji. It’s been 2 months that I have joined dhrti yoga,and this is my experience…

Initially, when I started doing practices I use to feel the pain and which actually worried me a lot if my decision to join for yoga was correct..so with lot my doubts,concerns and worries I finished the first month. But, later on I felt bit better and was able to do some asanas bound to my physical constraints which made me feel good.When mataji announced about the 108 Surya Namaskaras,I thought it is going to be a big deal for me.Because, hardly I use to do it and maximum 5-6 rounds of SN for 2-3 days in a week.Again,fell the pain very next day and just avoided doing it.This was a big concern for me thinking about my backache.However I still enjoyed chanting the Aditya Hridayam, especially a great refreshment after the hectic office schedules.

Then, finally the day for which we were awaiting eagerly had come.For me, still it was a big deal even on the previous day of Rathasapthami and really I didn’t have any confidence about finishing the 10 rounds atleast. And, I still remember that mataji told that dedication and the concentration we pay towards the Lord sun and salutation matter a lot but not the count of SN rounds.So, I just thought to chant the mantras and atleast look at the others who perform it.And, the day was really very amazing and superb…waking up early in the morning(of course, 4 years after I came out of college), chanting the mantra with such a big crowd creating positivity,freshness & spirituality ;I would say it was good start of the day with all the positive aspects.I was able to finish 68 rounds which was really a great achievement for me atleast..and it is still a miracle for me atleast. I would say it is totally god’s grace/miracle or the Lord Surya grace towards.Above all , my sincere thanks and big Hari Bol to mataji & prabhuji for their thorough dedication and sincere  efforts in all terms they did for the entire January;as it is not that easy/simple to get such great thought firstly and, making them implement successful is possible only for few….really amazing.Of course, I would never forget this day in my lifetime as this is something I have done significantly after my back injury.

The approach of dividing the rounds and achieving the target was really awesome.Finally, it was good and fortunate to have Devanada prabhuji & Devishree mataji speaking about the importance & significance of the Guru and the Cow in our life.It is really which we all have  to think & act about it, I believe.

So, now I feel that my decision to join Dhrti yoga is correct.And, learned that if we really want to achieve something dedication towards it matters a lot though there are any obstacles/constraints.Looking forward for many such events and the ALL THE VERY BEST to both of you….

Kind Regards

USHA P 9:30 am

Hare Krishna to  all,

It was wonderful experience of the day, it is second year for me. Last one month Satya Mataji was telling us magic of this day while doing daily practice of SN. And really I had experienced that, with our Dhrti group , compared to last year, I was able to increase my SN numbers. It happened with all our sincere efforts, positive attitude  and guidance by our gurus. We are all fortunate that we have yoga guru like Satya Mataji and Ramanna prabhuji.

Hari OM.

SUSHMA K 9:30 am


My name is Sushma, staying at BTM layout. I am a homemaker. I joined Dhrti family in 2014. I am a regular practitioner of 9:30 batch. I want to share one thing to all of you. Dhrti yoga gives equal importance to Hatha yoga as well as Bhakti yoga. Because Bhakti yoga is the highest form of yoga to reach our divine. Thus Satya mataji and Ramana prabhuji encourages all of us in spiritual path. I knew so many sthothrams because I regularly do puja from my intermediate onwards. But after joining Dhrti school I learnt so many more sthothrams which I never heard also. Moreover, Dhrti conducts so many programmes every month.So many practitioners doesn’t know the meaning of Dhrti. Dhrti means courage. As the name resembles, the institution is giving courage to one and every practitioner in every aspects of life.

99% of people join yoga for health and peace.So every yogi must pray Lord Sun for their well-being. Surya Namaskaras is nothing but offering and full surrendering of our body, heart, mind to the Lord Sun.On Ratha Saptami doing 108 Surya Namaskaras is a very good and big programme conducted every year. We all must thank Satya mataji and Ramana prabhuji for teaching us and making us do the same every year. It is a nice feeling actually when we do Surya Namaskaras with chanting Surya ashtotharam knowing the meanings at the same time while Sun is rising. When we do in the group we will not know the pain. The positive Sun rays illuminates and gives power and energy to do the same. For me and my daughter it is the third time so we did Hattrick. Its a wonderful feeling to the mother with the daughter and daughter with the mother doing asanas together. Its seems to be a healthy competition. This time new practitioners also participated and did a good number of times. Overall it is an awesome experience and I hope it will continue for years n years.

I request all practitioners that please continue Hatha yoga and Bhakti yoga for a long time. Because I use to see that so many practitioners join, come, learn and they leave. This is not the way. Whatever we learn we have to practice regularly. Then only we will get more power and stay healthy. There is no end for yoga.

I thank you all for sharing my personal experiences.


VIDYA P, 9:30 am

Hari Om,

108 sets of Suryanamaskaras unimaginable. Previous year and year before that I had attended the Surya Sadhana before the actual Rathasapthami. But this year I had not attended the Surya Sadhana and even the previous day we had hardly done around 40 rounds of Suryanamaskar. My target was just 54 rounds of Suryanamaskaras. As it was a working day it was very challenging.

As mataji had advised I used to wake up around 4 am previous few days so that on the Rathasapthami day it wouldn’t be difficult. It was like a miracle. We chanted Adityahridayam. It was so mesmerizing.  Early in the morning started off with Suryanamaskaras.

The cool breeze, warm rays of Surya God , beautiful chanting of Suryastotthara by Ramana prabhuji, encouragement given by Satya mataji and support needed by my family to complete without any disturbance made me achieve this which would otherwise not be possible.

This event happened on our house terrace and we are blessed to have such an event and hope to have many more such Rathasapthamis in the years to come. I have also received compliments from my neighbours that it was looking so beautiful when we were all performing the Suryanamaskaras together.

Overall it was a beautiful experience made possible by Ramana prabhuji and Satya mataji. A big Hari bol to both of them. 


ABHISHEK K 5:30 am

Hari Om,

It was a rejuvenating, delightful and energetic experience.


KAVITHA K 4:30 am 

Hari OM

Here is my experience on Rathasapthami:

I joined three months back and my main concern was back pain. The first month I was only doing asanas that were for strengthening my back. When I heard about Rathasapthami, It appeared to me like a jargon and I thought it was something that I am not going to be part  of. In the January month, we started reciting Adityahrdayam and Mathaji explained that it was an offering and thanks giving to surya god. I always carried the doubt that how am I going to perform the surya namaskar as I have started doing it a month back. In fact, I asked some of the people in my batch about how they will perform. I thought it would not be good when everybody will be able to do it and me not matching their energy. But then Mathaji in every class encouraged and I remember her words that she keeps saying – yatha shakthi anusaar. Participation and offering prayer from heart and soul is very important. I made up my mind to participate in it and managed to offer 50 rounds of surya namaskar to the God and I am very happy that i was able to achieve it with gods grace and Mathaji & Prabhu ji support.

Hari Bol


“The Day of Ratha Saptami, February 3rd of 2017, was an important day for the Sun God, for it was his birthday. But it also turned out be an important life-changing day for me as well. I was able to discover a dimension of myself which I could never explore earlier.

The agenda of the event was to do 108 rounds of Surya Namsakara to offer our salutations to the SuryaDeva. The practice for the event on Ratha Saptami, started a month back with regular and increased practice of SuryaNamaskaras and chanting of Aditya Hrudayam. I was regular in the weekday sessions of practicing SuryaNamsakaras, but could not make it on the special sessions on Sundayfor the marathon practice except for one. The maximum number I could reach on any of the sessions was around 28. I was doubtful what I am going to do on Ratha Saptami event. But the instructors Manutattwa prabhuji and Brahmadhyanam mathaji said that it is ok not to complete 108 rounds of Surya Namsakaras and perform as per the capacity. I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was 5.30 am on Feb 3rd 2017. After our initial prayer, we started our practice rigorously.  Performing with the group made me feel more energetic and I was able to beat my threshold of 28 rounds at ease. I felt great after crossing this. The instructors strategically planned the event giving us rest every 12 rounds. So this way, 72 rounds were completed. But after 72, they went on full throttle. I was wondering when the next 12 would come and I would rest after that. Since they didn’t stop I kept going. It was only at 100th round we paused and patted on our back. That was an exhilarating moment! At that point though my legs were aching, I mustered my courage to complete the 108 rounds. That was an ecstatic moment and feeling is hard to express in words.                This event showed me that there is something that we can achieve which we think may not be possible. With little pushing from the mentors, surrounding yourself with positive people and with grace of God, everything is definitely possible. Hari OM!”

Thanks & Regards


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