Purushottama Masa May 16 to June 13, 2018

Hare Krishna, forutnate we all, as HG Iswar Hari Prabhuji, very aptly explained the significance of Purushottama masa. How the calculation is done and how it comes every two or three years in Vedik Sidereal astrology, there is a time compensation month added to correct, and adjust the time movements. The story behind the important month, inspired every sadhaka at Dhrti to follow this month to best of ones will power. This month is considered to be very auspicious (adhika = best or greatest), as Vishnu Himself appearing in a Calendrical Form to rectify our astrological and astronomical calculations.

We were fortunate to recite the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 every day shloka by shloka with the meaning translation and purport in association with devotees like HG Ishwar Hari Prabhuji and HG Suvinaya Prabhuji, who would spend their valuable time explaining the meaning of each shloka.

The significance of two Ekadashi fall that comes during Purushottama Masa – Padmini Ekadashi and Parama Ekdashi were explained and many souls followed it with faith and conviction. A holy dip in Sangam is said to be very auspicious, a yatra to Kaveri sangam was arranged and many souls were benefitted.


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