Pursue ‘Sri Rama’ as Real Treasure…

Sri Rama is looked upon with awe for his exalted charm, and ideal characteristics that his very being emanates; we accept him as a divine being and approach his divinity for our needs, wants, security and happiness.

Human beings are running from pillar to post in search of wealth. This is different for different beings – knowledge, money, power, position, name, sex, relationship, skill-set etc. We pursue these for it gives us an illusion of security. Unfortunately neither these mundane things nor relationships can give us everlasting security. The moment we obtain the object of our interest, the mind realizes its futility and limitation. The next instant the search starts either for more or for something different. Once manifest, in the relative existence our search for that ‘something’ is on. There is an inherent ignorance, insecurity and void driving everyone and we eventually succumb to helplessness, frustration, anxiety, worry, stress, dejection and depression. The intensity of these is reflected at the physical level as disease – BP, Diabetes, acidity, ulcers; when these things are neglected leads to terminal illness cancer, attacks, paralysis, AIDS and tomorrow may be something new. For many, the trauma of imagined ailments brings on more pain and greater suffering than really having it.

Our search in this world now is to get a solution for these. Scientists and technologists are continuously coming out with new solutions to alleviate human suffering. Our saints and seers prescribe Meditation, Asana and Pranayama and Satsang (knowledge) wherein our emotions are controlled and finally slip into a non-identification state and that is Yoga. While technology takes care of our physical needs and puts us in the comfort zone, our seers elevate us to a conflict-free state devoid of all external aids; however these are temporary and not a Panacea.

In this search, as long as things are working fine, we think we are successful and get a feeling that the world is going on because of us. For these ‘successful ones’ spirituality and god is a waste of time. But there comes a phase in everyone’s life when nothing works- health lets us down, relationship and plans go haywire. No matter how sincere we are, how intelligent we think we are, the more we try, all the avenues close. We lament that nothing ever works and that is when god enters our life- for protection and to fulfill our wants we start praying without knowing who and where this God is. This is when Astrology, Astrologers and Vastu consultants are in full demand. Instead of thriving on the helpless and the suffering, the purpose of the consultant’s life will be better served if they can lead the sufferer to the ultimate truth thereby giving them lasting relief. Here I have a very high regard for two great beings – late Dr. B. V. Raman and to late Mr. Vishwanath (my astrology guru and mentor – the knowledge that he gave has instilled in me the courage of looking, understanding and enjoying this life in all its subtle glory and perspective). They have indeed widened the horizons of astrology.

Here is a dimension of astrology that I pursue in a chart. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu are the planets playing a major role in one’s life. With a good Jupiter, one may become a philosopher. With good Jupiter one may sound impressive but it is of no avail. Jupiter has to influence Saturn. Only if this aspect is whole-heartedly well returned by Saturn in terms of association or aspect or posited in Sagittarius or Pisces or placed in the three stars of Jupiter, and if this influences lagna or lagnadipathi, and moon adds a spiritual dimension into ones life.   If Sun is in Kethu’s star or indirectly or directly has connection with Kethu, one starts talking and thinking of moksha. Kethu’s association with the twelfth house and the lord of the twelfth house determines whether one will be liberated or not. In this journey of ours the steps we follow are philosophy, spirituality, mumukshatva and Moksha in this birth here and now. When this does not happen naturally, it is because Rahu and Kethu play havoc. They cloud the individual. The individual is subject to hardship, obstacles, misery, frustration, helplessness, anxiety and worry. Besides unwanted and unknown fears haunts one’s life. There will be anxiety, health will get affected, relationships get affected, he has to run from pillar to post only to add to confusion. The type of suffering that these planets bring on is that there is no solution to such problems. The suffering defies all explanation. If one continues to be enslaved by such material and mundane things and are looking for solutions to the same, and when it is not fulfilled, the life – birth –death cycles continue.

At this point a few intelligent ones aspire to come out of this cycle of birth and death. Apart from the incarnations who are born without forgetting essential divine and true nature; rishis, saints, seers, Buddha, Mahavira Chatanya Mahaprabhu, SamarthaRamdas, SadashivaBrahmendra, Ramkrishna Paramahamsa, Bhagavan Ramana, NisargaDatta Maharaj. Sai Baba, Kabir, and many others are really endowed with true intelligence. They chose to come out of these difficulties of life – birth cycle and attained knowledge transcending time, space and situation, beyond the mundane and material, beyond the body, mind and the intellect into that pure Sat-Chit state. Our country is blessed with transcendental knowledge the eternal truths. The seers and saints in all ages are carriers of this knowledge. Thanks to these saints and seers for showing us that peace and harmony are not just words in the dictionary but the absolute essential nature of ones own being. One need not search for it, when the search ceases to be one is essentially that.

When one gives too much importance to wealth of the mundane, it is unfortunate that it is pursued at the cost of relationship. They feel elated till the day they realize that there are situations that one may get into wherein none of the external wealth that they have pursued passionately has any ability to save them.

Laxmana, Sita, Bharata, Hanuman and others who pursued Sri Rama as a divine being are really intelligent. Instead of pursuing the kingdom, power and wealth of the mundane they pursued Sri Rama as the greatest wealth that one can possess. When we pursue Sri Rama as divine sincerely with passion and with no other motives, it helps us over a period of time to shed our own limited identity and gets us  established in the divine; this state is disease-less, decay-less, deathless, fearless state and to transcend Maya. One has attained the natural blissful, peaceful eternal state of pure consciousness and there is no second.

The highest truth is that they did not follow Rama they lived with the pure awareness. In the highest truth Rama is not different from Laxmana, Sita or Hanuman and let alone all the realized masters but every ignorant manifested being as there is only one SELF. It is the ego coming out of ignorance thinks itself as separate entity, thinks it is on a journey and struggles till it attains that absolute state by the grace of Sri Rama. The purpose of life is then served.

Prabhakar Ananthaswamy


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  • Ramdasi

    April 13, 2010 @ 7:01 pm

    Dear Prabhakar Ananthaswamy,

    I read your article . Very nicely written. In Fact, the message of Shri Samartha is pricisely communicated by you. The Divinity of of Guru – Teachings of Saints of India, is a source of inspiration to all .

    These teachings are still relevent in todays world .

    Prabhakar, keep up your good work and please continue writing about saints of India and their philosophy.


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