Prenatal Yoga

For many decades, various techniques have been available to assist a woman in preparing for the exciting event of birth.  Yoga has the most to offer amongst all these methods.  Yogic technique helps her become familiar with the muscles used in birthing.  There is also rapid recovery of muscle tone after the birth.  She enjoys the baby more as she feels fit & rested.

As the baby grows, yoga helps the woman to strengthen, tone, & relax all the birthing muscles thus achieving a gentle birth.  Different birthing positions are also explored so that she can make full use of gravity & be in control of her process.  Special Techniques prevents postural back ache, fatigue, water retention, any other discomforts caused during pregnancy.  Regular practice of Yogasanas designed for Pregnancy increases stamina & confidence and she can expect better gynecological health in later life because she has learnt how to look after her body during pregnancy.

At Dhrti special care is taken for pregnant women where she experiences a different essence of yoga altogether.

After the completion of 12 weeks upon the advice of the doctor, a three month’s course is given which includes yoga, diet consultation, & Lamaze (childbirth session with the couple).

Hari OM,

Prabha Krishna

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