Power Yoga Session at Dhrti

I came to know about these sessions through a cousin of mine whose friend is a practitioner.  I wanted to lose weight and had tried everything like aerobics, gym…. all worked but the weight gain rate was twice the loss rate… so thought should do yoga… which has worked wonders.  I have been practicing it now for more than 7 months and the changes that I see in myself are great – at all levels physical, psychological.  At first I thought that Yoga is something boring but then the sessions are so much fun that “I” of all the people in the world get up to come for the earliest session at 6 a.m. The moment of triumph comes when we do challenging asana and it takes heart…. Satya my instructor gets all the credit for all of this who takes care of us like a child.

Hari OM,


(Power yoga practitioner, Dhrti Yoga studio)

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