Planning Right Meal


Along with the yoga workout lets switch to new and simple things:

Introduce Soya – its king of all fiber.  Let soya be in different forms like milk, bean, chunks, or granules

1 portion of soya flour can be mixed in 4 portions of wheat flour and can be used for rotis

Check tofu Instead of paneer you can make good dishes of it and it has a different flavor

Make all types of rotis – makkai ki roti, bajra, jowar, raagi, even rice rotis

Multigrain bread is available in organic stores and multigrain atta can be done at home easily

Lets move to brown rice it really fibrous

A little planning of healthy meal and clubbing it with perfect asana practice helps you really stay in shape and you can have a variety new diet once you get the feel of a well planned meal

Early morning a cup of chai, black tea or tulsi.  Nowadays a variety of flavors are available.  Starting your day of organic tulsi chai is wonderful feeling along with few dry fruits like badaam and walnuts.

A healthy breakfast made of dalia nourishes you well and then later in morning  one fresh fruit or juice.

For lunch a medium plate of green salad with sprouts would be so refreshing and then along have a bowl of green vegetable,  a bowl of sabji along with 2 rotis and your favorite curd or raita.

In evening fresh tea or lime juice along with a fresh fruit

At night start with a medium plate of sprouted salad with bowl of leafy vegetables, dal, chalwal and 2 rotis

Though you may be very busy during the whole day drink enough water.  Keep your water bottle along with you while at work or traveling and drink good amount of it daily to keep you healthy

Hari OM

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  • vijaya hariharan

    July 3, 2009 @ 11:40 am

    good thought on a balanced meal. the key to a healthy living as given in our upanishads in moderation. moderation along with a balanced diet will go a long way in keeping one healthy.

    The yogic concept of food takes into consideration the total dimension of human existence.
    YOGA is that process by which we bring integration of the entire personality , stamina of the body is to be developed, Prana to be brought to a balance, mind to be calmed down, the emotions need to be stabilized, and the intellect under total control. A balanced died is one which restores balance at all these levels.

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