Panchakarma-Medicated Detoxification

This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment which cleanses your entire body balancing the tridoshas – the constitution of what we are made of.

There are many reasons for one to start with Panchakarma, hormone related concerns, overweight, etc..I started this treatment as I had stubborn boils on my face that wouldn’t go and I was suggested to go and get this treatment done, so here is the procedure:

 First the necessary parameters are read, related tests are done as prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor  (Dr. Venu Gopal’s name needs to mentioned here who is really a wonderful doctor)

After all the test done a powder known as “panchakola churnam” is given for three or more days as recommended by the doctor.  This churnam starts preparing the system for better digestion and thus the diet starts changing to a bland food.  Once the churnam is done and having studied the health conditions, medicated ghee is given for next 3-4 days again as per requirements, which goes on increasing in dosage.  This ghee needs to be taken as the first thing in the morning after bath and as this ghee goes in you….the rest of the day you need not feel like having anything until unless the real hunger is experience and if any to be on liquid diet, preferably porridge – salty or sweetened by jaggery and that too very little in quantity and most important not to sleep in the day time…and it’s a challenge to stay awake.

Next step is the Abhyanga where medicated warm oil is used to massage the whole body which promotes deep relaxation followed with steam bath which leads to perspiration eliminating the toxins improving the blood circulation. Over here the diet plays major role hence stay on bland diet for three days till Abhyanga continues.

The last day is virechana, where a Chavanprash kind of a medicine is given: The procedure is every time warm water is taken it eliminates toxins from the body in form of loose motion which cleanses the whole stomach this goes for more than half a day.

Points to be kept in mind

1. One will feel drowsy during the day but you should remain awake and active continuing normal chores.

2. One needs to keep drinking hot water every time.

3. One generally doesn’t feel hungry but the temptation for any kind of food is very high and its here one starts building it willpower the most regulating control on taste buds.

4. After the treatment is done the body is prone to gain weight so watch what you eat.

5. Last but not the least the bonus is weight loss which makes u feel so awesome with fresh and glowing skin.

Hari OM,


(Power Yoga Practitioner, Dhrti  Yoga Studio)

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