Navaratri – The Nine days of Devi Worship


Navaratri is one of the most ancient methods of recognizing the force, the Shakti, the power and wisdom of God. The nine day sadhana of Navaratri is an age-old practice of worshipping the cosmic nature, the Cosmic Mother.


At Dhrti, we celebrate these nine days of navaratri with navaratri special sadhana. This Chaitra Navaratri , the Hatha Yoga practice had a unique sequence for all 9 days; adding to that we had navaratri chants. Lalitha saharasnama chants on Tuesday evening and on Friday evening Saundarya Lahari, with prasad and prasad:-)) Thanks to the karma yogis.


The thirty-two names of Durga and all the other Navaratri chants and practices are designed to awaken the human psyche. Just as there is a mental level, an emotional level, a pranic level and a physical level, so there is a vibratory level to our life as well. This vibratory level is the most subtle of the bodies and the only thing it responds to is frequency. Mantras create such frequencies in the body, in the personality, which stimulate and awaken the subtle personality. This opening up of the subtle personality is also opening up of the heart. Logic governs life up to a point. After logic, buddhi, comes faith, bhavana, and after faith comes fusion.. When this fusion takes place in us at a subtle psychic level, a spiritual level, we become more sensitive to the universe, life, spirit, creation. We learn to live life in a more responsible way, appreciating and applying the wisdom that has been gained through the ages. Mantras are definitely the keys to finding this inner awakening.


The final day of Rama Navami was celebrated in a very colorful way. Nine beautiful kanyas were invited and worshiped and we all sought their blessings. The whole morning was vibrant with all colorfully dressed, the whole gathering cleberated the day with satsang; chanting the mantras; reciting Ram Raksha Stotram, singing bajans kirtans, the famous bhajan of ‘chandan hain is desh ki maati ‘; nevertheless all enjoyed the prasad and the kanyas their gifts…..


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