Melukote Dhaam Yatra – 5 July 2015

Hari OM,

beautiful melukote

Melukote, an ancient town situated 35 kms from Mandya was the place chosen by our Dhrti Yoga Practitioners for a Dham (visit to a Lord’s Dwelling / Abode). I am sure every one of us did our own research on the net about the historic importance and significance of the place we were planning to visit on a Sunday. The visit coincided with the Purushottama Maasa and there we had the ever enthusiastic yogis who were ready to participate in this pursuit of spiritual knowledge in a fun loving environment.

Melukote Dhaam                          Melukote

On the day prior to the trip, Sri Srinivas Prabhuji threw some light on the historical background and what we should look for when we go there. It was enlightening because of the stories prabhuji had researched for us over & above the content we were able to find from the secondary research on the net & friends. A packed day’s schedule was on the cards.

pushkarni                    beautiful architect

The group of 27 Yogis started the journey early in the morning and it was filled with enthusiasm & expectations. The group began with the chanting of Lord Narasimha’s stotras – along with that the yogis never forgot their Hare Krishna maha Mantra Chanting which we have been following ever since the beginning of the Purushottama maasa.

This Dham never missed anything that we would have had – had we gone with our family and friends. Delicious breakfast break to rejuvenate the souls and get them back in action, each groups sharing their own experiences and exchanging of pleasantries. Reached Melukote sharp at 10 am for a wonderful darshan of the Lord Cheluva Narayana Swamy & Mahalakshmi.

up hill         pushkarni

Further to that we proceeded to the hill discussing all the wonderful scenes and our previous similar experiences. It’s a journey which can’t be explained but have to be experienced. The specialty of the trip was ‘Vimana Pradakshina’ which was a surprise element for many of us and all the cameras in various forms came out in to action to capture the magnificent beauty of the nature surrounding the Majestic Yoga Narasimhar.

akka tangi pushkarni

After experiencing these wonders we went to Doda Gosai Ghat where we had a holy dip in ever effervescent mother Cauvery and experience we have to see – everyone had a wonderful time with Maa Cauvery.




Post that went to have the ancient Ranganatha swamy temple in Srirangapatna. The timing was so perfect that we were able to complete our evening session on chanting of Hare Krishna maha mantra were the devotees waiting for the Lord Ranganatha’s darshan joined our group in chanting and made the day for few of the first timers.

Post that we started heading to Bangalore to have Bhagavad Gita Chanting Chapter 15 where the devotees followed Bhargavi mataji which still rings in our ears. At the end of the day the tiredness if any flew away and everyone enjoyed the moments in their way and as a group it was a day well spent – in the modern day parlance if I may have to call it – “Wonderful Bonding amongst the Yogis and a lot of lessons learnt in every small ways & a lot of talent were discovered too!!!”

Thanks to the wondering Dhrti team led by Satya Mataji & Ramana Prabhuji.

Hari Om Tat Sat.

Venkat – 5.45 am – 08July 2015


  • Rajesh

    July 10, 2015 @ 11:13 am

    HARI OM !

    Really it was a wonderful trip which i never ever forget in my life . It was the first trip with Satya Mataji & Ramana Prabhuji with our energetic Yogis .

    Coupe of memorable moments which i would like to share here,
    * Satya Mataji’s keertan,
    * Ramana Prabhuji’s caring and pretty good time management ,
    * Our yogis chanting ,
    * Lunch at Bramana’s mess ,
    * Akka-thangai pushkarini ,
    * On top of the temple tower visit which they wont allow others to enter ,
    * Holy dip in Cauvery river
    * Dinner at Nandhini
    * our yogis keertans

    Ultimately voice of Bhargavi mataji was very pleasant and made us to only think towards lord krishna . Her clear pronounciation and sweet voice gave us beautiful keertans. The ease at which she hits a high note and her quick transitions are a treat to the ears of any devotees. I am a big fan of classical singer Vani Jayarm and i would say that voice of Bhargavi mataji is almost equal to Vani Jayaram’s voice . Thanks Bhargavi mataji for your wonderful music treat.

    Looking forward to get some more devotional trips with Dhrti Yoga …. 🙂

    HARI BOL !

  • sudha thilak

    July 11, 2015 @ 12:56 pm

    words can not explain enough about the trip! It was filed with care, share, love and devotion!
    looking forward for an another trip!( do not mind to the same dham)!
    Hari Om!!

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