My friend says after his workout he feels like overtaking all vehicles, but after yoga sessions, I feel the other way. I have been practicing for the last 20 months at Dhriti under the guidance of Satya. Let me be frank here, that my flexibility was nil when I started. It took a year to do Sirasana, but it does not matter either to me or Satya. What mattered was after 12 months I felt going upside down and was in Sirasana. That has taught me patience is required more than eagerness.
I was at gym before Yoga. At the maximum, I can equate gym to physical asanas of Yoga. But then it leaves a lot of remainder that has been taught at Dhriti – pranayamas, dhyana, dharana , trataka, cleansing, chanting, yoga nidra, satsang, food habits, yamas , niyamas, breath counting techniques, friendship with breath, self-learning, retreats, and the list continues.

On one side few Yogis struggles to be in Vajrasana while other few trying to make the handstand seamless. Here we are never at peer pressure in Yoga. My colleagues at Infosys could see lot of changes in me. I have lost my sense of competition, extra possession of wealth to name a few. Now I feel increased flexibility, lighter, taller, and less anxious.

Life is not just working, earning and spending money, became aware that there is a long way to go – “And miles to go before I sleep.”

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