K.Uma, M.Sc., R.D. Registered Nutrition Consultant

Dear Yogis,

I take this opportunity to thank Satyaji for giving me and my husband Krishna (who is also practicing Yoga at Dhrti for the past 2 yrs) a wonderful Yoga training. Satyaji has got very deep knowledge about different aspects of Yoga. Her encouragement, knowledge about the physiology and anatomy of the body, different peoples body abilities to do the practice, the way she teaches us mantras, and of course her always smiling face makes her teaching extra ordinary. She is so dedicated in teaching us different asnanas everyday so that boredom fatigue is avoided.

I am a mother of 2 children, and after delivery of my second child which was a C-Section, I started experiencing lower back ache. Though my bodyweight was always almost on a normal range, this back ache (because of the spinal injection they give during C-Section) especially early in the morning and neck and shoulder pain because of unknown reasons started troubling me. But after I started my Yoga practice now I am free of all aches and pains. For that I am really thankful for Satyaji’s training. Her teaching helped me to do my daily household works also with more dedication and concentration. And last but not least she taught us how to live a Simple and Happy life.

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