I started thinking about it myself what is the output last 4 months of Yoga Practice. I knew I enjoyed the session because, unlike an evening at the Gym, it doesn’t exhaust my last remaining energies at the end of a hard day at office. Rather, when I leave the studio, I feel kind of good, and at peace with myself.

I live in a rented apartment. Incidentally, 3 of my college friends stay with their families too in the same building. We used to be room-mates in our college days, and few years of our early work life too. Later, when all got married, we were lucky enough to find rented apartments in the same building. Our busy work lives permit us to catch up only over weekends. So this weekend, while we were chatting, in the midst of discussion about good old days, bad economy, and outrageous petrol prices, one of my friends asked me that “Dude, have you been working out? Cause you look healthy and thinner”. I knew I found my answer. Thanks to Satya and Thanks to Dhrti.

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