Hemanth Rutu

You must have noticed sudden increase in your body’s energy. Your body must be telling you it feels good to be active. You must have experienced feeling more hungry, well only if you are connected with your tummy:-))

These are the signs of good immune system especially during Hemanth Rutu, winter which is going on; begins from mid Nov goes up till mid Jan which is followed by Sirira Rutu, thats Cold and Dewy from mid Jan till mid March, and these are the seasons which bring about increased strength in us.

What you can do?

You can really get connected to Ahara and ensure there is good amount of fatty food consumed…. so have home made cow ghee – remember those crackling sounds coming from your knees and ankles while you even walk – thinking you will put on weight you ignored the most important part of our daily food and dont forget our brain too needs fat. Its only due to good ghee intake you are that intelligent.

Also time for Sweets -gajar ka halwa and other home made delicacies.  and time for sour food items, other things to include in your diet black gram, kabuli channe, rajma, greens, etc with sugar cane, fresh grains – makkai  and all…

Hence during makar sankranti you see every one exchanging til gud with jaggery and coconut sugar cane…u see our tradition speaks about it all.

Coming to Vihara: Perfect time rigorous workout – Ashtanga Yoga with vitalizing pranayamas like Bhastrika,  Ujjayi breathing, Surya Namaskars…yes with good number of rounds.

And also shuddhi kriyas like laghoo shankhaprakshalana thats purification practice with Abhyanga aids to this.

All this coupled with perfect lifestyle builds up immune as result its fun to experiencing winter season rather than the complaining about runny nose, cold, fever, migraine headaches etc. So what are you waiting for boost up your immune workout, eat good, sleep well, and have healthy relationships.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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