Happy Diwali


Rujuta Diwekar, Nutritionist, Says,

Diwali is the time when even the smartest of us will put the body through a mindless routine of fasting and feasting. What’s worse? We fast during the day, when the body is completely capable of digesting and absorbing, and feast when all that the body wants to do is sleep. The point is that we gain weight during Diwali not so much because we eat, but because we do so at wrong hours.

Here’s what you can do to ensure your stomach does not bloat out in defense:

1.      Eat the mithai while the sun is still out, so that the sugar overload is easier on your body. Also, between mithais, choose homemade ones over those bought off the counter.

2.      At parties, eat the most freshly prepared dish and preferably before midnight, so that the stomach is in a better position to digest the food.

3.      Avoid food that has been re-fried for it to appear hot and fresh. The bigger the party, the greater the chance of this happening.

4.      Drinking before eating interferes with your stomach cues and makes you prone to overeating.

5.      When you wake up the next day, no matter how late, eat some fruits or dry fruits within 10 minutes of rising. This will help nurture your appetite and lessen chances of overeating.

6.      Please don’t force yourself to exercise if you haven’t recovered from all the high jinks in which you indulged the night before. Working out on a tired body only leads to injuries and does not help you lose weight.

hari om tat sat

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