Chanting Hanuman Chalisa – Jan 1st 2016

Hari OM,
 Hanuman represents awakened consciousness. We all are able to awaken our Consciousness, but we all are under a curse, we can’t discover who we are.Hanuman was under curse, he was all powerful, he was an incarnation of Shiva; and Shiva is an enlightened being and from birth Hanuman was enlightened.
There are stories of Hanuman when he was young. When he was hungry, and his mother was not around, he saw the rising sun, and he flew up to the rising Sun and swallowed it whole. The meaning of this story is that a person is able to control the Pingla Shakti (Solar Flow), the Surya Shakti, the Pingla Energy, the Prana Shakti, to achieve dominance over Prana Shakti, and the moment you achieve dominance over Prana Shakti, you become master of all creative powers in the universe.The guru of Hanuman was Surya, the Sun in whose presence the shadow can’t exist even for a milli second, darkness can’t stand for a fraction of second. Sun represents the illuminated Mind. The Guru of Hanuman is the Sun and Hanuman overpowered his own Sun, the Pingala Nadi, but then was cursed. You wouldn’t remember your powers till the time comes when you are able to utilise the power for benefit of everyone.
Hanuman lived an ordinary life till he met Sri Rama.When he met Sri Rama, he had to go and find Mata Sita, who was kidnapped by terrorist king Ravana. And in this search for Sita, one elder of the tribe Jamavant, the Guru realised and then he was endowed with special power, because of the intervention of the Guru. After that, Hanuman became capable of everything. And he epitomises a being who is living with an enlightened and awakened consciousness, who is the symbol of Humility, Knowledge and Wisdom. He is the symbol of great strength, great courage and absolute surrender & devotion.If you analyze the character of Hanuman, you will realize that this is the character that yoga talks about; this will be acquired by those on the Spiritual path.
Every Spiritual aspirant must have the characteristics and qualities of Hanuman. So what are the prerequisites for being a good disciple? What can I do to become a good disciple?
Listen carefully, cultivate the traits of Hanuman. If you can cultivate traits of Hanuman, you can be a good disciple and at the same time you can be the greatest master on the earth, because he is both. And it is through Hanuman that we invoke the power, the shakti, the energy to guide us to become better.
As the parampara of The Bihar School of Yoga, Munger to chant Hanuman Chalisa every new year day 108 times. At Atma Darshan Yoga Ashram also practices the same and fortunately Dhrti practitioners started their new year with the blessings of the gurus chanting Hanuman Chalisa 27 times with the Ashramites.
Hari OM Tat Sat
dhrti practitioners on jan 1st at Atma Darshan Yoga Ashram after the hanuman chalisa path, enjoying the prasad

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