Jai Gurudev,
All Glories to Karma Yoga for it purifies the heart and help attain the goal of life. Be any day and the Karma Yogis at Dhrti are always ready…Thank you very much for your valuable presence in the guru purnima evening satsang at Dhrti Yoga Center.
With Guru’s Grace and seva contribution from Shradhaalu sevaks and participants the program went on simply superb. Starting with importance of Guru in life by Manutattwaji, the participants recited Guru Paduka stotram, Guru Stotram, Sadguru Vandana and Sri Vishnu Sahasranama storam. HG Eshwar Hari Prabhuji’s discourse on Ved Vyasa Muni and what is guru tattwa and grace of guru in one’s life was an eye opener for many souls.
Many thanks to all the matajis who made the prasadam, it was simply awesome:-)
May Gurudev bless us always in our sadhana and service.
Pranams to all.
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