Guru Bhakti Sadhana- Preparing for Guru Purnima Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

Dear Blessed Self,

Hari OM and Greetings to all. 
The Guru Bhakti Sadhana week started with great enthusiasm and dedication by one and all. 
All the practitioners, in their own sincere way tuned themselves to different practices.
Swami Sivananda’s 18 ITIES have been a challenging attempt for all yoga sadhakas to apply in their daily life, the practice of these positive qualities have helped many aspirants changed the way they have been leading their life to a more divine one. 
The week has been all the more special with focus on classic asanas and pranayamas, meditations, storytelling, kirtans, stotrams, reciting the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam. Every sadhakas had an opportunity to get introduced, with meaning and understanding, to Likhita nama Japa and maintaining a Spiritual diary. This has been a different and unique experience for many and have helped them deepen their awareness. The Antar Darshan meditation has been one of the best techniques that have enabled many sadhakas to integrate and digest different types of reactions, conflicts, anxieties as they happen…thus managing deep root tensions and traumas. 
High in energy the whole center is witnessing the blessings  of Guru. The concept of what is real yoga and the importance of guru in a shadhaka’s life is truly being felt and experienced. 
Thank You all for your wonderful partaking.
7 am batch Likhita Nama Japa and Spiritual Diary Writing....9-30 am 4-30 pm Antar Darshan Meditation asana of the week - natrajasana classic asanas Dancer's Pose Dharana Practice evening batch Kirtan Story Time Ekadashi class Tulsi Devi Natvarasana Shavasana Meditation

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