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The Holy Gita Jayanti, or the birthday of the Bhagavad Gita, is celebrated by all the admires and lovers of this most sacred scripture on the eleventh day (also known as Vaikuntha Ekadashi) of the bright half of the month of Margaseersha.

It was on this day that Sanjaya narrated to King Dhritarashtra the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna, and thus made the glorious teachings of the Lord available to us, and to people of the world, for all time.

It is a matter of great regret that many young men and women of India know very little of this most unique scripture. One cannot consider oneself as having attained a good standard of education if one does not have a sound knowledge of the Gita. All post-graduate knowledge, all research in universities is mere husk or chaff when compared to the wisdom of the Gita.

The study of the Gita alone is sufficient for the purpose of scriptural study. You will find in it a solution to all your problems. The more you study it with devotion and faith, the deeper will your knowledge become, the more penetrative would be your insight, and the clearer your thinking. Even if you live in the spirit of one verse of the Gita, all your miseries will come to an end and you will attain the goal of life—immortality and eternal peace.

None but the Lord can bring out such a marvellous and unprecedented book, which grants peace to its readers, and which guides them in the attainment of supreme bliss.

The teachings of the Gita are broad, sublime and universal. They do not belong to any particular cult, sect, creed, age, place or country. They are meant for all. They are within the reach of all. The Gita has a message for the solace, peace, freedom, salvation and perfection of all human beings.

Take a resolve on Gita Jayanti that you will read at least one discourse every day. Recite the fifteenth discourse before taking your meals. This is done at the Sivananda Ashram.

Keep a pocket-sized edition of the Gita with you at all times. Mark a few verses in it which inspire you. Everyday, while you wait for your bus or train, or whenever you have a little leisure, pull out the book and read these verses. You will be ever inspired.

May you all lead the life taught by the Gita! May the Gita, the blessed Mother of the Vedas, guide and protect you! May it nourish you with the milk of the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads!

Glory to Lord Krishna, the Divine Teacher! Glory to Sri Vyasa, the poet of poets, who composed the Gita! May his blessings be upon you all!

At the Dhrti Yoga Center, the holy and auspicious Gita Jayanti was observed in the morning. All the aspirants gathered before 7 am to meditate on the Lord and began with Nama smaran, recited The Gita – chapter 12 The Yoga Of Devotion. This was led by Bhargavi mataji.

The Samputa method was used, that is, before and after each verse the following Samputa was recited:

Sarva dharmaan parityajya maamekam sharanam vraja;
Aham twaa sarvapaapebhyo mokshayishyaami maa shucha.

Thus, between two verses, this verse was recited twice, which is an extremely efficacious method of earning the Grace of the Supreme Lord and the Gita, the Mother

All 20 verses were continuously recited in a melodious way. The morning session thus concluded with kirtan sung by Snehanshu prabhuji and prasad distribution. This celebration continued in the evening with a special Satsang and reciting of The Vishnusahasranam.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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