For this is the time to exert.

This is the time when not only the yogis, even the common man, birds, animals, flora and fauna wait to seek grace. The Uttarayana, magha month is the most auspicious time and am sure you are ready too, to exert, to shine…….

As the Karthik month is known for deepams, Magha is month for snanam (in holy rivers).

Magha month is also known for Basant panchami which comes on the fifth day after the Amavasya, also known as Saraswati pooja on Saturday 24/1/2015. The seventh day is Ratha Saptami Monday 26/1/2015.  And all the Sundays of this month you will find all over our country Aditya Hridyam (AH) is recited which is very effective.

Dhrti Yogis also have been preparing themselves for this auspicious time. They too have been doing their sadhana religiously for more than two months. Most of them started with their practice of Surya Namaskasra right from the November month, 30/11/2014. They started with a simple set of 18 rounds and then gradually went on increasing it every Sunday reaching to 96 rounds last Sunday 18/01/2015. Now ready with folded palms to complete the goal of offering 108 rounds, on 26th Jan, 2015

This may sound tough for few, but we still see many of our practitioners practicing up to their best capacities. For they have realized one thing, its important to get on mat and rest will come.

The best can be shared by the practitioners themselves who have not only been sincerely practicing but at the same time could find time to do a little of everything. Even though they must have started with Surya Namasakara with a very gross reason, over the period of time, the very focus has changed. There has been a total different experience beyond the physical, and that’s real yoga

So dear yogis wherever you are just get on your mat, lets celebrate the Lord’s birthday, offer him with love and grace few rounds of Sun Salutations.

Hari OM Tat Sat

Surya Namaskara Yagna 8th week(1) Finished with 96 rounds(1) All set for 108 rounds(1)





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