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In Continuation we complete Don’ts in Discipline.

We begin the
           WAYS TO PEACE
                       AND HAPPINESS

4th Dont

Dont mix with RICH People

5th DON’T

Don’t Build Castles In Air

Swami Sivananda has mentioned that there are few  people who may feel that going through all these preliminary disciplines are too time consuming and they just want to go ahead with the direct path and Swami Sivananda has welcomed that approach also .He considered such aspirants to be highly mature and they are fit for the direct path from the start itself .
This is what Swami Sivananda has said in conclusion :
“A first class student can adopt this method , because he had cultivated the four means in his previous birth .A mediocre student will not be able to think of Brahman at the very outset .How can one think of Brahman when the mind is filled with impurities , when it is turbulent and the senses are jumping and revolting ? Absolutely impossible .He may sit for thinking on the Self , but he will be building castles in the air and thinking of other objects .He will mistake deep sleep for samadhi .Many are delued in this manner .They do not have any spiritual progress . They can have no idea of Brahman .It is only the mind that is rendered pure by the practice of Viveka , Vairagya , Sama , Dama etc that can have the definite conception of Brahman .Ideas of Brahman cannot be lodged in a restless , impure mind “.


Hari OM Tat Sat

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