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Ā āšœDon’ts in DISCIPLINEāšœ

6th DON’T
Dont disobey the laws of nature.

A clerk who gets a salary of Rs. 50/- has six children at the
age of 39. Every two years, there is an addition. He never
thinks: “How shall I maintain such a big family? How shall I educate my sons and daughters? How shall I arrange for the marriage of my daughters?” At the heat of sexual excitement, heĀ repeats the same ignoble act again and again. He has not a bit of
self-control. He is an absolute slave of passion. Like rabbits, he
procreates and brings forth numberless children to swell up the
number of beggars in the world. Even animals have got
self-control. Lions visit their partners only once in all their lives
or once in a year. It is only man, with his boasted intellect, that
breaks the rules of health and has become a criminal in this direction. He will have to pay penalty in the near future for
violating the laws of nature.

When a man with a poor salary has to maintain a big family, he is forced to takeĀ bribes. He loses his sense and power ofĀ understanding and is prepared to do any kind of mean act to collect money. The idea of God is forgotten.

He brings his own wrong
Samskaras and starts the same life of cheating and telling lies in
the following births.

One should be very careful in his
thoughts, feelings and actions. He should always watch his
thoughts, feelings and actions, and entertain divine thoughts,
sublime feelings and do noble actions. Action and reaction are
equal and opposite. One should understand and remember this
law. Then he will not do any wrong action.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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