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 ⚜Don’ts in VAIRAGYA

Vairagya is the opposite of Raga (attachment). Vairagya is dispassion. Vairagya is detachment. Vairagya is indifference to sensual enjoyment here and hereafter. It

Vairagya is mental detachment from all connections with the world. That is all. A man may live in the world and discharge all the duties with perfect detachment.

A man can develop inner mental detachment from pleasure and pain while living in the world. He should see that he is not carried away by the pleasant experience of the world. He should not cling to them. He should simply remain as a silent spectator.
If he thus practises for some years, every experience will be a positive step in his ascent on the spiritual ladder. Eventually he will be crowned with sanguine success. He will then have an un-ruffled mind. He will have a poised mind also.

1st DON’T
Don’t forget the miseries of the world

2nd DON’T

Don’t try to get comforts

3rd DON’T
Don’t forget Death

4th DON’T
Don’t care for tomorrow

5th DON’T
Don’t write letters.

6th DON’T
Don’t read newspapers. 

7th DON’T
Don’t try to redress your problems

Don’t try to find remedies or to set upright your problems.
This world is full of difficulties and troubles.

Attachment is the root cause of the innumerable miseries and troubles of this world. Discipline your mind little by little. The old evil habits will creep in. Destroy them to the very root. Lead a life of perfect non-attachment. This is the master key to open the realms of Brahmic Bliss.

Escape from these troubles.  There is only one way. Lead a life of dispassion, self-control, purity, selfless service, cosmic love. Develop the habit of taking the right point of view, right thinking, right feeling, right acting, with right mental attitude or Bhav. Practice devotion and meditation.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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