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5th DON’T
Don’t DISPLEASE anybody.
Lack of ADAPTABILITY leads to displeasing others and arises the ANGER.
Anger is a wave of unpleasant feeling that arises from the Antahkarana, when one gets DISPLEASED with another. It is the most formidable enemy of peace, knowledge and devotion. It is the straightest road to hell itself.
Anger is a manifestation of Sakti or Devi. In “Chandipath” or “Durga Sapta-Sati” you will find: “Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu krodharupena samsthita, namastasyai namastasyai narnastasyai namo namah.—I bow again and again to that Devi who is seated in all beings in the form of anger.”
Therefore Adaptability is a virtue or noble quality by which one adapts or fits himself with others, whatever their nature may be.A man of adaptability accommodates himself with others,whatever their temperaments may be. This is a most desirable habit or quality for success in life.
The wife does not know how to adapt herself with her husband. She displeases her husband always and makes room for quarrels in the house, and gets separated. The clerk does not know how to adapt himself with his boss or superior. He quarrels with him and gets immediate dismissal. The disciple does not know how to adapt himself with his Guru. He misbehaves and leaves the Guru. The businessman does not know how to adapt himself with the customers, and therefore, loses his customers and business. The Dewan does not know how to adapt himself with the Maharaja. He has to leave the State service.
The world runs on adaptability. He who knows the art or science of adaptability pulls on quite well in this world and is always happy under all conditions of life.
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