8th DONT: *Don’t depend upon servants.*

🕉Hari Om🕉

Don’t depend on servants, have self-reliance.Self Reliance gives immense internal strength. This is an important qualification for material and spiritual success.  Luxurious habits have rendered people very weak. A doctor and a lawyer want servants to put on their shoes and stockings. They cannot draw a pail of water from the well. They cannot walk even a furlong.

Nowadays, man depends on others for everything. He has lost this virtue of self-reliance. He has forgotten all about Atmic Sakti. He has no idea of the vast magazine of power and knowledge within, in the Atman. His mind goes outwards. He has no inner life.

You Must know how to cook your food. You must give up servants. You must wash your own clothes. You must walk daily to your office. Give up the false idea of prestige and position.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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