9th DONT: *Don’t be a slave to the Indriyas.*

🕉Hari Om🕉

FIVE Jnana Indriyas or Organs of knowledge.
Sanskit names are
Srotram, Chakshu, Jihva, Ghrana and Tvak.

FIVE  Karma Indriyas (organs of action)
Vak (organ of speech)
Pani (hands)
Padam (feet)
Upastha (genitals)
Payu or Guda (anus)

That man who has not disciplined his Indriyas becomes a slave to these organs. He cannot reach his destination. A beautiful analogy or description comes in the Katha Upanishad. The body is compared to a chariot. Jivatma is the Lord seated in this car or chariot. Intellect is the driver. Mind is the rein. The Indriyas are the horses. The five Vishayas (Sabda, Sparsa, Rupa, Rasa and Gandha) are the five kinds of pasture for their feasting. That intellect or that man of intelligence who keeps these boisterous horses under proper control reaches the Goal or domain of eternal bliss.

When the eyes run towards objects of beauty, withdraw them and fix them at the lotus-feet of Sri Krishna. When the ears run to hear worldly sounds and music, train them to hear “Narayana, Narayana.” You will have to check the mind itself in the case of other three Indriyas (nose, tongue and skin). You must give up scents, sugar, salt, chillies, tasty things and soft beds.

Discipline of the Indriyas is a very important point. If the Indriyas are turbulent, you cannot have concentration. Watch every Indriya carefully and curb it by suitable methods such as fasting, Mouna, Trataka, celibacy, renunciation of articles,Dama and Pratyahara.

Curbing of Indriyas means curbing of mind. They cannot do independent work without the direct help of the mind. Celibacy checks the genitals. Mouna will control the organ of speech; Trataka controls the eyes. Sufficient practice for a long time is necessary. Then the Indriyas are starved to death and they become emaciated and thin.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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