Sanchala Reddy 5:45 pm, A teacher, “If you are looking for health and peace then Dhrithi is the place. The gurus here are very dedicated. Yoga has become commercial these days but it is not that way here. Apart from the regular practice sessions they have many other events like celebrating festivals, social Seva like temple cleaning , teaching us to chant mantras and Bhagavadgita etc . Every Wednesdays guruji would teach us chanting of Vedic mantras like purusha suktham and many more. I was lucky enough to learn them. I went here for a year and then conceived. Didn’t want to stop the practice during pregnancy. Therefore I continued to go. They give individual attention to mothers to be and teach us the aasanas which is important for us. Practice of yoga and chanting Vedic mantras made me have a healthy and peaceful baby. I would recommend all mothers to be to join and have a healthy pregnancy”.

Bhavani Sankar, 7 am, a student, “Dhrti Yoga Center is one the finest yoga centers in BTM Layout. The teachers are very friendly and the whole vibration of the center is filled with positivity and happiness. After attending yoga regularly, ive found immense changes in myself and im really thankful for the same. Apart from regular yoga sadana, there are various other activities and festivals celebrated in the center like temple cleaning, ratha sapthami, ram navami, ekadhasi sadana etc. And learning about so many rituals and practices helped me to change my perspective of life and helped me try to focus on how to live a more progressive and positive life. I am forever thankful to Satya Mataji and Ramana Prabhuji for the same”.

Mamta Venugopal 9:30 am, IT prof, “Spiritual place……. no more words to say. Mataji and Prabhuji train you to become more aware of yourself. They help you to change your thinking so that these changes are reflected externally. It’s a Gurukul. Knowledge is imparted and it is upto the recipient to assimilate and internalise the teachings. Thanks to their seva”

Venkat Raghu, 5:30 am IT prof, “Best place to learn yoga in traditional way. They not only teach yoga, masters will teach how to live life in a good manner. Here team will provide opportunity to serve nation and good habits for future generations”.

Amrit Kalsi, PU Teacher, Mumbai, “Both the teachers are committed to help as many as possible to get connected with yoga and help them to learn and lead happy and healthy life”.

Dinesh Kumar Poajary, 5:30 am IT Prof, “Great place to learn and practice yoga. its been an amazing 1 year journey with Dhrti Yoga Center. Would any day recommend the yoga center for folks who want to experience health and happiness through yoga. Apart from yoga we can participate in different Seva’s and Sankalpa which is organized by yoga centre. Prabhuji and Mathaji’s are very knowledgeable and gives personal attentions to each one of us. The classes are handled with a good balance with important given to mind, breathing, stretching, flexibility and strength. We also chant mantras and shloka’s as routine practice. Yoga itself seems to be vast, rich and discipline and Dhrti Yoga has loads of Enthusiasm for it. This true yoga centre deserves credit and respect. Hari OM”.

Sahana Bhat, 9:30 am, Teacher, “This center is just not about yoga.. its about bringing peace of mind, leading a healthy life with all the cleansing and it also helps in building principles and values in life which is very essential. This center also celebrates festival in traditional way which is long forgotten”.

Bhaskar P, 7:00 am, IT Prof, “Highly dedicated gurus.Ideal for Yogic Life Practices for people of all ages & walks of life Yoga can be fun in this class for childrens and good samskrit learning center for all ages.We also get to do different sevas such as temple cleaning .Excellent Yoga Leaning Center”.

Vineeth Achar 7am, IT prof, “Really good teaching methodology. Love the systematic approach to learning yoga that they adopt here. Also they teach the significance of each asana and highlight their impact on your fitness”.

Seema Iyer, 8:15 am, Facutly IIT, USA, “I was in Bangalore as a visiting scholar for 4 months, and was a student at Dhrti Yoga center while I was there. Every morning, and occasionally weekend talks and excursions, I was so happy to learn Hatha yoga in such a holistic way from the gurus. We learning about the asanas, pranayamas, shlokas, the meaning behind the yoga philosophy and the balancing of the mind that we need to be true yoga practitioners. It was also wonderful to practice the yoga that was appropriate for the day of the month and the season of the year, which meant that every day was a bit different! I am so grateful to Mataji and Prabuji for guiding me through these beginnings of my yoga journey. What an amazing experience–and highly recommended to all!”

Amruta Allada, 4:30 pm, Yoga Teacher, “The teachers are strict, yet humble, and caring. Best place to learn yoga for all age groups. Personal attention is given to everyone even though we are in a group. My experience at Dhrti yoga is very good. I progressed as a yoga practitioner and also grown as a yoga teacher. Had a very good learning experience as a yoga practitioner and as a Bala Yoga teacher. I am happy that I had an opportunity to attend both Mataji and Prabhuji’s classes. I learnt many new aspects of yoga. Gradually after few months I begin to progress in my asanas. Now I am able to perform Ustrasana, Chakrasana build up as my body became more flexible. I also learnt Aditya Hridayam , Chandra Namaskar and kriyas. Also admire and learnt a lot from the way mataji has taught children in between by inculcating good habits, manners, discipline and right attitude.


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