Exercise – Non negotiable

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Says,

Everybody seems to be in this mad rush to lose weight for New Year’s and squeeze into some little black dress or trousers. I really wonder why! I know it is this kind of quick fix that keeps the weight loss industry alive and allows me a pay packet. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder, what does one achieve by looking a certain size on a certain day? And at what cost?

Trust me, you won’t win a medal for turning up at your thinnest best but you can earn second glances if you’ve been exercising regularly in the run-up to that big event—New Year’s Eve. Here’s how!

Regular exercise helps you gain muscle weight and shed fat weight. The more muscular you get, the greater your sex appeal, irrespective of your waist size. Stronger sex appeal stems from reduced abdominal girth and a rounder butt or gluteus (your hips)—in other words, an improved waist to hip ratio. A narrow waist and round hips not only signify that you work out regularly, are strong and full of stamina, but also that you have better fertility levels than someone of your same waist size but who has a smaller, less muscular butt.

Instinctively, mating is not based on “thinness” but “fitness”. So you don’t need to lose weight for the party; you only need to get fitter. Unlike weight loss, fitness is for keeps, it can be regained quickly, it doesn’t make you irritable or irrational about food and leaves your skin glowing. Like everything else in life, you need to decide whether you should lose weight quickly or sign up for an exercise routine.


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