Enjoy Surya Namaskar Everyday

Surya Namaskar

–        Cyclic Practice of 1 Yogic Positions

–        Good Method of Loosening up all Joints and Muscles in short period of time

–        Does not need any equipment

–        Requires very Little Space

–        Each of the 12 positions has specific benefits while cyclic practice gives uncountable other benefits

–        Removes Nervous Tension and Anxiety

–        Massage Nervous Connections throughout the whole body – allowing them to Relax and Revitalize

–        Has a powerful influence on all systems of the body

–          Abdominal Organs are alternately stretched and compressed. This ensures Organs’ proper functionality and Synchronizes Breathing with Physical Movements

Beeja Mantras

Combinations of 2 sounds “Ha”and “Ra”with variations caused by 6 vowels  Aa, E, U, Aai, Au, Aha

Benefits of chanting

OM (Pranava)

Stimulates all the vital internal organs of the body, especially the brain, heart and stomach


Acts as a stimulus to the brain, heart, alimentary canal, respiratory organs such as nose, windpipe, throat, lungs & chest and upper ribs


Invigorates the throat, palate, heart, respiratory and digestive organs


Strengthens the liver, spleen, stomach, abdomen, uterus and intestines


Stimulates kidneys


Normalizes the function of rectum and anus


Develops the chest and throat

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