Effect of arm balances

Coming back to poses, understanding the effect of the same on body and mind….This time arm balances:

Most of the practitioners have been doing arm balances and would appreciate your feedback and how it has helped you.

Yes for those who have yet to explore…well, its fun as practitioners not only develop self sufficiency and confidence but also build lots of mental strength.

In Arm balances, where you arm supports the weight of your body, build strength and release tension from neck and shoulders.

Bhujapidasana or even Bakasana, which is fav of many, the whole weight is on hands…this strengthens the arms and the wrist joints.  Requires great amount of concentration and helps us in conquering the fear of falling forward, thus building confidence in other areas of our life.

So other arm balances like Full arm balance – the gymnast’s handstand, ask us to over come the fear of the unknown as we kick in the sky.  So poses like Vasisthasana (side plank) and its variations, Hamsasana, Mayurasana, are great poses to increase stamina and unite the mind and body

A word of caution – ladies need to be extremely careful while performing arm balances and should do under expert guidance only.

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