Distractions and Obstacles in Yoga Practice

The distractions and obstacles which hinder the aspirant`s practice of Yoga are:

  1. Vyadhi-sickness which disturbs the physical equilibrium
  2. Styana-languor or lack of mental disposition for work
  3. Samsaya-doubt or indecision
  4. Pramada-indifference or insensibility
  5. Alasya-laziness
  6. Avirati-sensuality, the rousing of desire when sensory objects possess the mind
  7. Bhranti Darsana-false or invalid knowledge, or illusion
  8. Alabdha Bhumikatva-failure to attain continuity of thought or concentration so that reality cannot be seen
  9. Anavasthitattva-instability in holding on to concentration which has been attained after long practice

Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda

Yoga Practitioner


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