Dhrti Yoga Center celebrates IYD-2016 @ Valley of Flowers, Himalayas

While the yoga fraternity all over the country and world was enthusiastically celebrating the International Yoga Day – 2016 in big/small ways, the 11-member yoga team from Dhrti Yoga Center had the privilege of celebrating the fabulous event in the lap of Himalayas @ Valley of Flowers on June 21st in the most memorable way, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, sizzling water falls, about to blossom flowers, whistling wind, chilling mist, warm sunshines interrupted by swift clouds – the Nature in its sublime and pristine purity.
This is first of its kind in the valley as far as the event was concerned.
Just being there in the most beautiful place on Earth which is the very home of Lord Shiva and Parvati itself is great yoga, that too on IYD….what a blessing indeed!
After a short session of standing asanas on slippery soil in unusual climate in trekking dress and accessories, the session concluded with a short kirtan on Lord Shiva.
The tender mood of every member was filled with gratitude and devotion to Lord Shiva and Parvati as the warm tears rolling down the cheeks from moist radiant eyes were tinged by cool mist. 

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