Dhrti Women’s Monthly Meet – Follow-up from Women’s Day

This enthusiastic meet started last month on Women’s day and it took a month for the sankalpa to take shape for going through Review of Day assignment thus working up the most important aspect of Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam.

Today, April 5th had a follow-up meet, it began with another new song, Namo Narayan Shri Swamiji…..followed by feedback from the practitioners sharing their experiencing of the sankalpa taken, the challenges they have been facing going through the same. This was followed by the practice of yoga nidra which helped all to recap and apply what learnt from last session – in movement with time.

The 18 T’s song of Swami Sivanandaji has been theme for this meet, and participants took the sankalpa of picking, sowing, nourishing, cultivating one seed of virtue per month.  The first seed is SERENITY, and practically had a session on Pratyahara Stage I and Serenity…with a new checklist…….

Yoga Nidra                       Pratyahara Stage 1

Hari OM Tat Sat

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