Dhrti Online Yoga Experience – Saritha George

Hari Om!

I too have similar experience as Neha Mataji. My relationship with Dhrti is 2 years old. I could  attend couple of months session in the beginning. Though I was unable to join you in the center, kept going with whatever learnt in this couple of months till COVID lockdown. And I am happy that I am back on this online platform.

Whatever is taught is very authentic and from Prabhuji’s and Mataji’s own self  experience as you always say Yoga as a technic and as an attitude. Thank you both for this blissful journey. It is not only I am experiencing the change(spiritually and physically) within me as well as my family too.

Now why to choose  Dhrti?

Here, Yoga is taught, to live as a Yogi, instead doing as an exercise for physical well being.  Yes, no doubt, physical well being is achieved when mental balance is in place.

Individual attention is given and they are ready to address any challenges faced.

Thank you for treating us as own family and we could experience your warmth of love and care for us.

Everything taught and spoke has taken as “veda vakya” and we all are experiencing it eventually.

Anyone of any religion, race, language, all  can seek and attain  Yoga Vidhya here in Dhrti and experience peace and harmony in life.

Once again thanking all the faculties of Dhrti and all my fellow Yoga friends. I wish you all blissful journey and all the success to Dhrti. May your good work reach many souls.

Hari Om Tatsat!





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