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Be Courageous

Man creates trouble and misery for himself. Give up all sorts of fears. Stand up like a lion. Draw courage from within. There are many people who are so timid that they will not move around at night. Even when they see a cat at night, they tremble. What a shame.

They are embodiments of timidity. They are ‘moustache ladies’. There are some sanyasins (monks) who repeat: “SHIVOHAM SHIVOHAM” (“I am Siva”) – but they tremble with fear when they are put to a little test. They perspire and quiver when there is any impending danger!

They are poor, miserable specimens. I always say that a dacoit can become a good vedantin if his energy is turned in a spiritual direction, because he is absolutely fearless and has no deha adhyasa, (feeling “I am the body”); but not a timid man.

Fearlessness is the greatest qualification for a spiritual aspirant. All fears are imaginary. They have no real basis. When you think seriously they will melt away like snow before the sun. Think a tiger or a lion has come in front of you, and you will have to face it. Think that you are placed in front of a machine gun, and that you will be blown up right now. Draw courage now. Think of the verses of the second chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. They deal with the immortality of the soul. Again and again think of the divine verses of the Avadhut Gita. You will become courageous – though perhaps not all at once. Gradually you will find that you are gaining courage.

Constantly think that you are the Atman, the Self. You will gradually develop great courage. Worry and fear are fearful forces within us. They poison the sources of life; they destroy all harmony, vitality and vigour. Thoughts of cheerfulness, joy, and courage are healing and soothing. Always be cheerful. Always laugh and smile.

Just as darkness cannot exist in the presence of light, so also fear cannot exist in the presence of self-denial or Self-realisation or courage. Exhibit undaunted spirit, intrepidity and manliness. Make a strong resolve: “I will die or realise the Self”. Give up the idea that you are the body. Fearlessness is one important sign of a liberated being.

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