Cheers…..Go Getters!!! on completing 54 Rounds

Hari OM,

And the champs could make it again on Sunday morning 21-12- 2014, sharp @ 6:30 am, seated in their place with one goal to achieve, the set target. Hope you too have been practicing Surya Namaskara wherever you are in the world.

It was the fourth week and we reached Dhrti’s last year’s target 108 rounds, which this year is the 54th round and we have another 54 to go to make it a total of 216 rounds.

Punctual, serious, and committed!!!

And most of them have been there from the very first week. The best part is seeing them enjoying their sadhana, completely involved, practicing with grace, with awareness; they know what they are doing.

With least numbers of errors if any which otherwise is very common. You know that, right? We get lost in thoughts and forget which leg to move, but week after week their skills are getting sharper and sharper, just perfect thru and thru.

We do pause, may be a couple of breaths, standing shavasana and the practice completes in less than 45 minutes. Yes, we do prepare with Sun Meditation and Ujjayi breath, and after practice a long round of Yoga Nidra followed with meditation on pranas. That’s the magic of doing in group, the mantras, the energy, the vibration….

Now comes the challenge, from the coming Sunday onwards we march ahead, and you see our bala yogis have also joined in.

Look forward to hear from you too…..

Hari OM Tat Sat


Surya Namaskara Yagna 4th Week



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