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I feel blessed to learn Yoga here – Radhika Bali, USA

Hari Om, I feel blessed to learn Yoga here. I am thankful that an authentic Yoga center with experienced teachers exists. My experience, though short for now, has been enriching, like a river meeting the sea. One can feel the aura of peace, warmth, humbleness, and respect upon joining the Dhrti Yoga family. Dhrti Yoga […]

Expressions & Experiences of Dhrti students – 2018-19

2019 Reviews Bindu Jagarapu, home maker, 9:30 am yoga sadhaka, sincere and committed shares her experience…. Hari OM, I went to Dhrti with full of uncertainties but after a week of practice of Yoga, felt so good with physical as well as mental happiness. Mataji and Prabhuji have their unique way of addressing our well […]

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